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Date Venue Time
October 10 Awbury Arboretum Harvest Festival 2:00 PM
August 22 Philly Country Music Fest 3:15 PM
February 25 Goat Hollow (acoustic trio) 8:30 PM
February 25 Goat Hollow (Keith Marlowe solo acoustic) 8:30 PM
January 23 World Cafe Live 8:00 PM
October 22 Bob & Barbara's 9:30 PM
October 1 Goat Hollow (Keith Marlowe solo acoustic) 8:30 PM

Live Dates - Our next show is October 10 at the Awbury Arboretum Harvest Festival. Afternoon set will feature the debut of our new drummer, Vaughn Shinkus. See the Shows Page for more details.

Recording - Plans to begin recording the full length follow-up to Miners' Rebellion is in the works. Stay tuned for more details.

Miners' Rebellion Acclaim - named the #1 debut release of 2013 by Popa's Tunes, was #9 in Adobe and Teardrops Top 10 of 2013 and was a Best of 2013 by the UK radio show Standing in the Shadows of Lev. Miners' Rebellion is still available at the Store Page.

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